Favorite Place Anniversary Clock

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Your Favorite Place Anniversary Clock is unique to you and every couple has their favorite place.

Where Is Your Favorite Anniversary Place?

Whether it is where you met, or where you were engaged, or where you loved to go on dates, or it could also be your home. You get to choose the location that is displayed on your clock and it is a lovely way to remember special times together.

Choose our Vintage Map style or an Aerial Photograph to show your favorite place on your clock.

Anniversary Clock Details

  • This 12" Aerial Map Clock can display any address within the US.
  • Requires 1 x AA battery
  • 12" Diameter


Personalize with any US or UK Address. Just provide your street name, city, state and zip code (post code). The center address is carefully offset so your special place is in full view.

The map is scaled down to 1:5000 and covers an area approx 1.52km.