Couple's Personalised Champagne Coupe Glass

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This stunning Personalised Couple's Champagne Coupe Glass adds a modern twist to your celebrations and the traditional wide shaped glass adds a touch of history.

The wide Champagne glasses were once the only style of Champagne glass and they were shaped like this to get rid of the bubbles - they were sometimes even served with a stirrer so they could disperse the bubbles quicker. The thinner style Champagne glass was created to keep the bubbles in place but this Coupe Glass adds an element of the The Great Gatsby style parties and that has to be the most fantastic way to celebrate your Anniversary.

Your glass will be personalised with both of your names, linked together with a heart and there is space for up to 25 characters.

Personalised Champagne Coupe Glass

Lead-free crystal glass

30cl - 14cm tall